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Shuchen Weng

PhD Candidate

NELVT, Dept. of CS, Peking University

Team Member of Camera Intelligence Group

Email: shuchenweng[at]


Professional Experiences



Image and Video Synthesis

Human Action Recognition


National Scholarship for graduate Student of Peking University (北京大学博士生国家奖学金), 2% in Peking University, 2023.

Exceptional award for Academic Innovation Award (北京大学学术创新奖), 1% in Peking University, 2022.

Outstanding Undergraduate Student Award, by China Computer Federation (CCF优秀大学生奖), China’s Annual Top 100 Undergraduate Students, 2019.

National Scholarship for Bachelor Student of Tianjin University (天津大学本科生国家奖学金), 2% in Tianjin University, 2017.